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Welcome to my website – Book Nerd Princess

This is the Book Nerd Princess Homepage

Thank you for visiting my website. The Book Nerd Princess website has been reformatted, redesigned, and reimagined as of June 1, 2017. As I have transformed so much since this site has launched, I feel it is time for the site to transform itself. I have also decided to finally introduce myself, the woman behind the name, the real Book Nerd Princess.


This website was started in November of 2016 and is a project near and dear to my heart. This site provides book reviews, movie reviews, travel, lifestyle, and product reviews. I also have author spotlights occasionally and a wonderful segment on Living Your Dreams.


Recently I have been expanding the site to include unboxing videos, jewelry and make-up reviews, guest posts and author information, and some other great lifestyle posts. The purpose of this website is to provides tips, tricks, and tools to empower women of all ages to pursue their best self. I am on my own journey of self-discovery and it is my hope that through my ups and downs, trials and tribulations, that maybe you will find something that can help you.


If you don’t already, follow Book Nerd Princess on social media… Click Here       🙂  I constantly try to keep active on social media, and I love hearing from fans and friends online. I include share, and pin buttons on all posts so feel free to spread the love on anything you enjoy.


This site is constantly expanding, and I am always trying new things. Please, feel free to browse some of the categories and I always welcome feedback. I have recently begun to vlog my unboxing videos, and plan to add some other vlog posts on the Book Nerd Princess YouTube channel… Click Here


I love to hear all of the feedback from my viewers through social media and on here, so please feel free to reach out, comment, like, and share anything and everything you enjoy.


Have a wonderful day. xoxo <3