Holidays 2016

So it is now time for the holiday parties and gatherings to really hit hard. Many lucky people get the opportunity to spend time with family, loved ones, and significant others, however some people will always be missing. It’s hard to imagine holidays without someone you care for, either due to distance, absence by choice, or someone passing. The holidays can be an amazing time of year, or a sad one. I find myself feeling conflicted around this time of year as I reflect on things. I find myself distracted by things that bring about memories of my childhood, when things were simple and complete. Now things get hectic and being in my own personal situation in life it’s difficult to be happy. For me this website has provided a source of personal accomplishment in an otherwise detrimental mindset. This site is growing so rapidly, with over 200 subscribers and almost 500 views. I have only had this site operational for less than two months.  I’m overwhelmed and I feel like the support has been tremendous. I am hoping to find ways to turn this site into an actual profession, because reading is such a passion for me. Reading recharges me mentally and being able to write these reviews and summaries gives me a feeling of completion. (Maybe I will elaborate this in a later post.) Tomorrow I’d like to do a new type of post that I’d like to do weekly. I’d like to do a post detailing 5 things I am happy and thankful for in an effort to bring some gratious feelings to this joyful holiday season. I would like to encourage any subscribers to comment on the post tomorrow when it goes live with 1-5+ things your grateful for… and I will pick one commenter each week before the next gratefulness post for a prize… each week will be a different prize depending on my current financial situations so bare with me. 

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