Giveaway! for 500



So my subscriber amount as of 1:22am on January 15, 2017 is an astounding 495… I have only had this blog for barely 2 months… Once I hit the 500 mark I am going to do an exclusive giveaway to all of the subscribers… I will give away a physical copy of my favorite book that I have ever read… (and it is a book I haven’t posted about so it is a surprise!!!)


Here is how it will work… I’ll do a random drawing of all the subscribers… I’ll email them… and I’ll announce the winner after I talk to them… 🙂 If I don’t get a response, or it was a fake email… I’ll pick someone else! 🙂


I’ll also add an extra entry for anyone who has commented on any of the posts… so if you want extra entries go through and make some noise. 🙂

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