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Inferno: The Movie

Where can I begin with Inferno – Movie? Well personally I was worried about this movie when it was first announced because of how much I liked the book. Books translated onto the big screen typically are not my favorites, with the exception of Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Movies based off of books always feel rushed to me, like too much is changed or removed to fit into the time frame. Inferno may have changed some details that upset me, however this was an amazing book to screen adaptation.

Let me just say that when I decided to review both the book and movie of Inferno, I knew what I wanted to say about both. (Book Review Here.) Yes, the movie changed the ending of the book. Yes, the movie felt rushed. Yes, I would have chosen someone else for Vayentha. No, I would not have changed anything else.

I’m guessing you are surprised that I wouldn’t fix the ending. It is necessary to say that while I disagree with changing the ending of a book for a movie, I think that this movie did a decent job of this.

Also, I enjoyed almost every single casting decision except for two, and I already mentioned the first. When I had read the book I imagined Vayentha I imagined more of a Lisbeth Salander type character. Now I will admit the Ana Ularu was an enticing Vayentha, but I felt like she lacked some critical conflict and emotion. Vayentha was in a position throughout most of her storyline where she was losing the only thing, her job, that ever made her feel like she had purpose.

The other character that I personally believe was miscast was that of Elizabeth Sinskey. I also did not like the changes made to the character of Dr. Sinskey which eludes and then displays a romantic relationship between herself and Langdon. There are several hints dropper, as well as scenes showing this relationship. (Honestly that may be my biggest qualm of the whole movie.) It also must be said that The actress who played Sinskey looks nothing like the books description, she is much too young.

Enough with the cons of this movie, because the pros far outweigh. First, Felicity Jones as Sienna was perfect casting. Felicity was able to play smart, caring, and strong and once her character switched to love-struck fanatic, Felicity shone. I wish the movie would have had a stronger focus on the lifelong struggle Sienna had with her intelligence, but they did a good job of conveying real intellect. Sienna is a strong character in the book, and I think the casting of Felicity is spot on.

I also have to give adulation to Tom Hanks, our resident Robert Langdon. Many critics complained that Tom Hanks is too old for such a character, however the character of Langdon is older. Hanks does a profound job of portraying the aging Langdon, making him believable as the unwilling hero of all of these stories.

The last character I highly enjoyed, specifically, was that of Bertrand Zobrist. Played by Ben Foster, Zobrist is the main antagonist who commits suicide in the opening scene, thus setting into motion the entire movie. Zobrist is portrayed through video clips, memories, and flashbacks due to his death. I think Ben Foster was the perfect mix of intellect, savvy, cunning, manipulative, and extreme fanatic which brought depth to the character of Zobrist.

My last major positive for this movie is the truth to detail. If you are wondering what I mean by that, here it is. Inferno does an amazing job of incorporating true details, whether in the art they show, the literature they discuss, or the architecture they encounter. Dan Brown always incorporates a lot of artistic detail in his books, and this movie showcases these details perfectly. They scenery is beautiful and there is a lot of truth within the scenes. There is also a lot of factual history that gets discussed within the novels and movies, so for a geek like me it is exciting.

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