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Health Apps are all the rage, and if you have been keeping up with my posts you may have realized I have been taking steps to better my health, my life, and my overall wellness. I have been working on organization, which still eludes me, and fitness. As you may remember I mentioned some apps I use on my phone that are helping me with my goals. So this post is all about wonderful apps, both paid and free, that sync with the iPhone’s “Health” app, and are keeping me on a better path.

Lets Check Out Some Health Apps:

App #1 – iPhone Health App

If you have an iPhone with the most recent updates, you may have noticed an app called Health on your phone. The app is a white square with a little pink heart in the upper right hand corner. This is a built-in apple app so you shouldn’t have to download it, just find it. (I recommend using this all the time and I will explain why soon.) This app is fully integrated into the iPhone, tracking physical movement, type of movement, etc. This app calculates regular steps, running, or even walking up stairs. All you have to do is allow it, and keep it on you. (This works even if in a purse. I know, I have tried.)

The Health app has different sections to it which can be synced to third party apps, which I will get to soon. There are four main components the heart app monitors:

  1. Activity
  2. Mindfullness
  3. Nutrition
  4. Sleep (which I do not currently use)

The health app also has the capability to monitor certain medical apps to monitor everything from vitals taken at doctor’s appointments, reproductive health, health records, and body measurement. If this sounds like a shady app that people can use to get your most intimate data, you may be right. Luckily all the apps that sync to the heart app are secure, can be set with passcodes, and in the few weeks I have been using them are on the up-and-up. (I wouldn’t be posting about this if I hadn’t thoroughly tested and used myself.)

The health apps serves as a central hub for the other apps I have chosen to use. All of the outside apps send the data to the health app, which then in turn spits the data back to the other apps. This causes a system of checks and balances, which I want. *Important to note: All of the sharing of information can be controlled by the user. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE ANY DATA IF YOU DON’T WANT TOO.*


App #2 Lifesum

I am not going to talk about these apps in a particular order, so let me start with Lifesum. Lifesum is a free app to download, with the option to purchase premium. I won’t lie, I just use the free version and it works fantastically for what I need and use it for. Lifesum is how I track my food and water consumption. Lifesum allows a user to set custom notifications to alert you to track food consumption at preset times, as well as water. This app tracks, through the health app, the amount of calories you have spent versus how many you need to consume for a healthy diet.

I personally am the worst at getting the appropriate amount of calories eaten because I don’t snack throughout the day. I also don’t eat breakfast, so the app kind of yells at me sometimes. (not literally, just sad faces.) It gives a recommended caloric intake each day, shows how many calories you have burned through exercise and everyday walking, and then tells you how many calories you need to consume.

If you are like me, and do not specifically watch the nutritional value of the foods you eat, this app is amazing. You can literally search for whatever it is you ate and it gives you the basic caloric amount of that food. You can even search for fast food. (Please don’t ask how I know that. 🙂 )

You can also easily monitor how much water you have consumed, which is important to overall health. The way to track water intake is simple, and quick. Best part is, everything syncs effortlessly to the health app’s nutrition section without any fuss from the user. This is nice because one simple entry in this app, means no extra entries anywhere else. Bonus is that if I am only viewing the health app, but have a question or want to look into something further, the lifesum app gives better specifics.

App #3 Ringly

This app is obviously on my list and phone. If you saw my original post about the ringly fitness tracker you know why… if not click here.

App #4 8fit

8fit is an amazing exercise app. This app allows for an paid upgrade, but this is another app that I am not paying for. This app, for my purposes, works well on the free mode. This app gives the user one short, under 10 minutes, workout everyday as well as the ability to track added workouts. I add my yoga every morning manually since I use the DDP Yoga almost daily. Sometimes I do various programs, sometimes it is just the 10 minute wake-up program. Either way I log the time spent doing yoga and my calories burned, and other various data, is logged and synced.


App #5 Aura

So Aura is a wonderful mindfulness app. This app can be used free or paid, and I am going to tell you that I did sign up for the paid subscription for this app. The free version offers one 3 minute mindfulness exercise everyday, and unlimited specialized breathing times. I decided to get the paid version because you get the choice between a 3 minute or 7 minute mindfulness exercise, unlimited times to log your current mood, and you can do multiple exercise each day. The breathing time is a special time where you can quietly and virtually unnoticed, stop and focus on breathing. You breath with the circle for at least three breaths but you can keep going until you feel relaxed. After each breathing exercise or mindfulness exercise you are asked how you feel and that is logged through the app. The Aura app syncs with the Heart app to track your mindfulness minutes for the days or weeks. This app can also be set up to provide reminders for both the mindfulness exercises and the breathing times.


App #6 Pacifica

This app is really nice for goal tracking, but also for people who have social anxiety, or other mental health issues. This is a free app, or you can pay for the upgrade. This is an app I found worthy of the paid subscription so I am a subscriber. This app has many wonderful features that I use everyday. There is a goals section for life goals just to have a visual representation to see. The actual goals bubble is more specialized, you pick a goal you want to work on and the app gives you choices of items you want to do to help complete that goal. The goals are also given a difficulty rating by the user, and so are the tasks. After a task is completed the user is given a chance to state how difficult it actually was to complete. There is also a mood tracker, a health tracker, and thought modules. The thought modules are why I paid for the subscription because the thought tools are really good and are designed to break negative thought patterns. Very useful in mental health.


App #7 Today

Today is a habit tracker that can be full customized by the user. This is a free and paid app. I paid for the app for one reason, the free version only allows a user to track three habits at once, and I needed to track at least 5 for my goals. I also liked that the paid version allowed me to choose more pictures to associate with each goal. The app is designed to swipe through your habits everyday and allow you to track when you do each habit. You can set the habit to need to be done once a day, multiple times a day, or multiple times a week. These options can be customized for specifics and that is awesome. I do like how each habit can have its one graphic, and all of mine are graphics that fit the goal but also inspire me. I think this is my favorite app I use daily.


App #9 Eve (Ladies Only)

Ladies, this is the best period tracker app I have ever used. It lets you log a daily log of how your day went, and how you are feeling. It is also pretty accurate at cycle tracking, sending push notifications for the beginning of fertility, ovulation, danger days, and a head’s up for the beginning of the cycle. It does sync with the Health app and is very accurate for tracking the female calendar.





So there you have it, every health organizational app I use everyday to track my health, both physical and mental. While I am actively trying to accomplish my goals and get my life on a good path, these are my life-raft. If you have any apps for me to check out and try… please leave them in the comments. <3<3<3

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