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Power of Journaling – Guest Post by Monica Miller (Monica Writes)

Unlocking the Mother Load of Creativity through the Power of Journaling


We all know that habits are good for us, but if you’ve been wanting to write a book, which habit would be the best for you to incorporate into your life now?


The answer is creating the habit of journaling. I have used the habit of journaling to explode my imagination to begin writing inside my book again!


Back in early 2016, I knew I had to create a ritual for myself, I know getting up and scrolling through Facebook for an hour wasn’t cutting it. During that time frame, I began to notice that successful people all had one major thing in common: they got up early.


I knew I needed to begin getting up early, but what was I supposed to do when I got up?! Someone told me about a book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, where it’s about creating rituals for yourself, like reading, meditating, visualization, journaling and more.


I began practicing the Miracle Morning in May 2016 where I picked up journaling again. I used to journal all the time when I was growing up. I journaled almost everyday until I hit college where my love for journaling quickly faded. I knew I had to pick it up again since I had a love for it so long ago.


I could have never imagined the floodgates that it opened for me! You see, I’ve been wanting to write a fantasy book since before I was married and I had major writer’s block. Once I began journaling, the gates open and holy moly! I have so many ideas that if I don’t write them down, I’m sure to forget it!


So, if you’re wanting to write a book, regardless if it’s a business book for your brand or a fiction book for fun, you may want to pick up journaling and see what happens.


But where do you begin? And how do you ensure that you can open the floodgates of, “Holy moly, I need to write this stuff down NOW!”?


Here are my suggestions to begin journaling to open up your creativity so you can begin writin your book proto!


Free Write.


The most common practice with journaling is to free write. This means to write down what comes to mind. This can be a great place to start as there’s something about moving your hand along paper and exercising the part of the brain where you can allow your true voice to come out.


Don’t hold back, remember your journal is your safe place, meaning you can write whatever you want.


Start a 4 Point Journal.


I don’t know what to call this type of journaling, but this is my favorite since I journal like this all the time now.


What’s a four point journal? I answer these statements daily:

  • Three things I’m grateful for
  • Three things I need to get done today
  • My goals for the week
  • Lessons I’m learning


I enjoy writing this way because I’m always finding things I’m grateful for and I’m learning lessons in life, which reminds me that I am growing. After I get through with these, whatever space I have left, I will free write either my intentions, wishes, my day, or what I see for myself in the near future.


This is the way I unearthed the mother load of my own creativity and I believe you can, too.


Journal with intentions.


Journaling with intentions is just that: it’s asking yourself everyday, “What’s my intentions?” It could be just for the day or for the year. It helps you stay focus on what you want to attract in your life and what actions you need to have in place to get there.


You could even focus on your own expertise and knowledge, so everyday you’re exploring a new part about yourself and what you know. This could easily show you how much you do know and how you can turn that into a book.


There’s something about writing by hand that stirs the imagination for book writing. If you’ve been wanting to write a book, but you’re feeling stuck or not sure on what to do next, try journaling. Incorporate it into your routine and see what happens!


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Your book could be your new habit, a habit that gets you seen, recognized and visible for your brand or business. You can start off this journey by creating the new habit of journaling!

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