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Living Your Dreams – My Personal Update


I thought it was time to do a personal update on my progress. Hopefully something I posted, or will post will help you and inspire you.


If you have been following this weekly set of posts, then you know I am pursuing some dreams of mine while offering advice and encouragement to empower others to do the same. Accomplishing goals, creating positive habit changes, and ticking off checklist items can seem like a daunting task to anyone, especially myself. I require lists to function and get certain thoughts out of my head so I can move onto other things, or else I can become obsessed with completing useless tasks.


If you follow my site at all, or social media accounts linked to this site, you may know I recently took a road trip. I returned home yesterday, March 19, after driving from Pennsylvania to Nashville, and then from Nashville to New Orleans and back. This trip was coming at an important time within my life and I had a few goals in mind when I left to take it. I took this trip unstructured and just allowed myself the opportunity to experience anything as it came along. I was able to do, see, experience, and learn so much and I plan to share most of that with the readers.


My trip was incredibly therapeutic for me and provided a lot of clarity in regards to some aspects of my life, but made other aspects even more disastrous. For me, I experienced a lot of spiritual moments that made me really take a hard look at my life. I was able to see the Louisiana Symphony Orchestra perform Tchaikovsky, whom is my favorite composer. I saw the Cemetery #1 which holds the tomb of Marie Laveau and the future resting place of Nicholas Cage. I toured museums in both Nashville and New Orleans, tried some amazing food, saw historic buildings and artifacts, met with a world-renowned psychic, browsed antique shops, and discovered connections to New Orleans I didn’t know existed.


If you haven’t read my previous post about my own personal goals, Click Here or the original post beginning this segment, Click Here. A personal update can be critical to completing goals. If you have my previous posts, then you know traveling the world is one of my ultimate life goals which I feel is both realistic and unrealistic. Pursuing the career of my dreams could make this goal more probable, but at this point there are doubts I can accomplish it. This trip, however, renewed my spirit in regards to the possibility of accomplishing this dream. This trip also confirmed for me that my chosen majors in college are the direction I am destined to pursue. The history and culture I was experiencing and learning only served to further prove to me that this is my passion, making my pursuit for a doctorate an even stronger dream of mine. I knew I had to do a personal update post to share this.

All of the experiences also gave me a new goal which could aid in further educational pursuits. For my personal update, I am adding to my goals list the following goal: Do more independent research on culture, music, and art. As a history major, I learn a lot of historical facts. As an anthropology/archaeology major, I learn some generic cultural facts but more in terms of cliches and overall understanding. I personally realized that I was to understand festival importance, art, music, cultural practices, religious practices, societal norms in different cultures, difference in common practices, and explore different cultures ideas of entertainment, like dance. I also want to add: take online photography classes, to my goals list.


Updated Goals List: (March 20, 2017)

  1. Finish College
  2. Improve my GPA
  3. Get into the Honors Fraternity
  4. Consider a Master’s program
  5. Lose Weight
  6. Get into Shape
  7. Organize my Life (house, schedule, life, bills, etc.)
  8. Do more independent research (culture, art, music, dance, rituals, religion, etc.)
  9. Study photography online

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    1. Thanks! I love setting lists for goals… and once I graduate in December it will be time for a new goal! 🙂 So scary and exciting knowing I am so close to accomplishing one of my hardest goals… 🙂

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