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Accomplishing Goals… Well How Am I Doing?

Hello, and happy day to you!

How are you doing accomplishing goals? How am I doing with accomplishing goals? Let’s find out 🙂

Accomplishing goals is a topic I have been discussing a lot. Over the past several weeks I have been posting different posts, and even products, that I am using to try and accomplish goals, create positive habits to improve my life, and successfully check off the life-long dreams I have had or have had evolve over my lifetime. This segment has been especially personal to me because I am placing a piece of my heart and soul out on the line with only one hope. My truest hope for all of these posts is this…

By showing how I am breaking down my own walls and pushing myself to accomplish goals, maybe just one person will read even one post and be inspired to chase their own dream.

I know having any kind of expectation could be disheartening but it is my hope. I hope that by putting out these posts, showing new technology, providing new types of inspiration, and sharing a piece of me could help someone.



The above pictured quote is one I came across awhile ago and decided to keep it just for this update post. For me, it was important and I wanted to share it. There is an inherent truth to the quote and I am glad I was able to find it.


In all truth though, here is my update. I have been working since February 8th on starting some new positive habits with the hope of accomplishing goals of mine, which would lead to checking off some of the dreams I have for my life. Things have not been simple, or easy, and I have hit some serious bumps in my road. With some stressors in my personal life, financial difficulties, and an increased school coursework load, I have been overwhelmed and my pursuits have taken a back seat. My biggest problem is one most people may be able to relate too… I am a serious procrastinator.

Most adults easily find reasons to procrastinate like work, family, hobbies, responsibilities, charities, school, etc. It is easy to put goals, habits, and dreams on the back burner for other important things. Honestly, how could anyone blame a person for the way they prioritize their responsibilities.

My only qualm with this is that while the priority should be on these things, where is the sense of fulfillment? Where is the sense of personal accomplishment? Where is the sense of personal growth?

I admittedly have been slacking on my own path, but I am pushing myself to start again. I will not let myself give-up, slow down, or backtrack.


Accomplishing goals… In my life…

This week I have been working on these goals:

  1. Improving my website and brand. I have been reaching out to companies look for affiliate and collaboration opportunities, doing research on new segments, topics, and post ideas to bring to the site to make it better, and trying to figure out a good time to expand into new territory for the site. I want to make this site something amazing and I am working hard to bring amazing products to my viewers.
  2. I have been working hard on my assignments in school, meeting with professors, studying hard, preparing for a presentation at a conference in three weeks, working on my resume, trying to gain volunteer experience, and gathering supplies to succeed when I graduate in December.
  3. Getting back to my healthier habits. While financially I might have to stop taking my vitamins which have been so good for me, I have been getting back into the habit of drinking more water and less pop (which I was slacking on), and I really want to get back into my yoga and going to the gym. I also have been thinking about scouring the internet and Pinterest for workout programs and making a fitness binder that I can do at home whenever I want, or if I want to focus on a specific zone of my body.
  4. I have been seriously slacking on taking care of my mental health in all of the chaos, which for me is especially bad. I haven’t been taking my vitamins because I am almost completely out, I barely get any quality sleep because of stress or bad dreams, I stopped doing my mindfulness exercises daily and my breathing moments, I haven’t done any art projects, and I haven’t been watching any good tv shows, movies, or reading any books.


It is true that I feel overwhelmed with this but at the same time I find it motivational. I want to get out from beneath the waves. Hopefully if you have found yourself in this predicament you will find the inspiration to move forward as well.


Good luck xoxoxo And wish me luck as well.

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  1. It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself so that everything else can fall into place. Healthy habits are a great place to start!

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