seven new things sunday

Seven New Things Sunday – April 9th

Hello to all of you and welcome back to the Seven New Things Sunday… April 9th Edition. 🙂


So let me just jump into it with the seven new things I learned this week:

  1. The two most obvious forms of interview judgement are gender and race, statistically. This judgment takes place in the immediate first 3-5 seconds of meeting the interviewer.
  2. A resume doesn’t not complete a personal brand when applying for a job. The right attire, cleanliness, hygiene, positive appearance, and body language can all add to the overall package you present in any type of interview or presentation.
  3. A blazer can take an adorable look and make it professional, flirty, and fun. #ootd really needs more gorgeous blazers and loafers… and yes I am serious.
  4. There are college professors who will genuinely take time out of there day to help you if you just ask. There are professors who will review a test to help you understand what went wrong, professors who will help you learn skills even when you struggle, and professors who will not make you feel dumb for asking questions because they want you to succeed. #nojoke
  5. Pinterest can be a useful tool for both business and personal life. You can learn anything, from recipes to work-outs to style tips to resume advice. I have been on a pinning spree and the “new for you” daily specials are amazing. They also are getting better at customizing the pins that show up on my main feed based on things I am viewing.

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