five for friday april 28

Five for Friday April 14th

Five For Friday April 14th:-)

So here we are, another Five for Friday April 14th, and another week drawing to the end. Five for Friday is meant to bring a small amount of gratitude into the life, to give someone a sense of peace from the good things that have happened throughout the week.

five for friday april 14thThis week for me has been rather trying, very stressful, and at points down right nerve wracking. Things have not been very pleasant, but I have been pushing
forward. Even through it all I have some things I am grateful… (I apologize that 2 are repeats but during this week those repeats are too important not to include. 🙂 )


My Grateful For List on the Five For Friday – April 14th, 2017:

  1. My professors, but also some of the professors in other departments. It amazes me how much some professors will do just to help a student succeed, even when they aren’t in the major. During this week I have relied on the resources of the professors, secretaries, and even Alumni to make it through the week
    and it has been incredibly helpful and inspiring.
  2. It is spring, and with that summer is almost here. Spring and Summer mean fun clothes,
    warmth, and sun shine. It is time for hiking, camping, bon fires, and fun.Friends. Without my friends, I would be completely sunk… especially my school friend and lunch buddy.
  3. I am grateful for my current academic opportunities… I am terrified I will have to drop out my last semester to get a job, but I am grateful for the conference I am presenting at and the opportunities and networking I have done.
  4. Music. With all of the stress I have been under, music has been a saving grace.
  5. As much as I am struggling with a number 5 I will force myself to find something… and it is this… I passed my radio test and can now be a DJ on the campus radio station. 🙂

As always, I’d love to hear what you are grateful for this week, so please comment below and share. 🙂

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