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Five For Friday – April 21st

Five for Friday – April 21st 🙂

Good Saturday Morning All… I know I am a few days late for this post but due to an extremely long car ride that should not have taken nearly that long… (a 5 hour drive took over 9.5 hours) I was just too tired when I got to the hotel over the weekend to write. Sadly with the hectic week I had preparing for this conference, I didn’t preplan this post.

I have had another incredibly trying week and it is honestly a struggle to come up with this Five for Friday – April 21st edition. With everything that has transpired I will do my best for this post…

so here we go…


Five for Friday – April 21st:

  1. With my research interests I would be considered a Sociocultural Anthropologist and I never knew that was a subdivision of my study.
  2. Sociocultural Anthropology has infiltrated all of my interests… including this website.
  3. Media, Music, Film, Books, Dance, Etc… all things a sociocultural anthropologist studies about a culture… and all of which are things I love and post about.
  4. I do not understand most of the people in my generation… Millennials are confusing to me…
  5. I may be 28 but even I know that I am an old soul… I just feel things, see things, think about things, and understand things so differently from a lot of the millennials I interact with everyday and it makes it really hard to form genuine connections with people…


Please feel free to share your Five for Friday so we can discuss common things or I can learn some new things as well… xoxoxo

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