Seven New Things Sunday April 23

Seven New Things Sunday April 23

Seven New Things Sunday April 23

Seven New Things Sunday April 23, is a little late. So, yes, I will admit that this post is a few days late. I apologize for being a little slow on my post. This past weekend I had the opportunity to present some research I have done at a conference in West Chester, Pa. My research project was widely accepted and according to numerous people, enjoyed. While the presentation aspect went well, the trip is a chaotic disaster which has left me spiritually and emotionally drained.

But, even when life gets me down I try to push forward. So I am getting all caught up on my posts, and this is one I need to make sure gets done. I really enjoy these Seven New Things Sunday April 23 posts…

So here we go… my:

Seven New Things Sunday April 23…

  1. I am considered a Sociocultural Anthropologist.
  2. Sociocultural Anthropology is the subdivision of Anthropology that focuses on both social and cultural aspects of societies. For example, books, movies, art, dance, music, etc.
  3. This website is really a sociocultural anthropological experiment and proof that this subdivision is my passion, and I never knew it.
  4. I have been doing a lot of research into holistic beauty care, and ayurveda and I feel like it is a path to further pursue.
  5. I love providing new and interesting products, reviews, and articles even though I am not sure people truly read them. (or care.)
  6. I really enjoyed doing the research into body modification that I did all semester. I can’t wait to share it with the world. 

    Would you be interested in seeing my research project if I posted it?

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  7. I’d love to learn how to get more interaction from this site and all of the social media accounts.


If you’d like to share your Seven New Things Sunday April 23 edition… I’d love to see what you have learned this week… as always please comment below 🙂


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