five for friday april 28

Five For Friday April 28

Welcome to the Five for Friday April 28 edition 🙂

It is another Friday and it has been a doozy of a week. I did a lot of post updates this past week and I have a lot more to get too, but let gets this Five for Friday April 28 edition of the ground running.


Five for Friday April 28

  1. New and old friends… I know I use this a lot but lately I have beeb relying on my friends so much that it is impossible to not be grateful for them.
  2. School… While school work has been overwhelming me and making me feel like I am drowning in a sea of schoolwork, it has given me a positive outlet for all of the stressors I have been experiencing.
  3. Hollywood Cinema… Movies have always been a great distraction for me and I enjoy spending hours watching great cinematic pieces, so having that outlet is amazing.
  4. Music… I desperately cling to music to calm my mood, prepare me, help me focus, or just relax. Music has been a saving grace for me these last few weeks and if I could thank every artist I enjoy than I would.
  5. Myself… I know it sounds egotistical to be grateful for myself but that truth is that I should be happy I am here. I should be happy I am alive and functioning, and while everything seems to be crumbling around me I am still standing tall and trying to overcome. I need to take care of me as a person and grow to be stronger, smarter, and happier. I am my own worst enemy and my strongest supporter and without me…  lets just say that I need to remember that I am important… Every individual is important and they deserve to know that.


This five for friday april 28 edition is tough for me because I am in the middle of a life-altering chaotic event that is shattering my world view and flipping everything upside down. It is becoming more difficult to see things as reasons to be grateful, but the challenge is making me stronger. Five for Friday April 28 was my hardest post to date and I am so happy for that.

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