Seven New Things Sunday April 30

Seven New Things Sunday April 30

Seven New Things Sunday April 30.

This is the last post I plan to make for the month of April. Ending the month by posting both my Five For Friday and this Seven New Things Sunday April 30 edition is sort of self-gratifying. I wanted to end this chaotic and overwhelming month with a positive tone and I think this could be just the ticket. These posts are so gratifying to me and I am glad I can share them with you.

So let me tell you the seven new things I learned this week…


Seven New Things Sunday April 30…

  1. Sociocultural Anthropology can be a versatile and fulfilling career for me and I am astonished to find that all the years i have struggled in school could actually pay off.
  2. Volunteering, even if only for a one-day event, makes me feel so fulfilled and grateful to be able to give back of my time.
  3. I have big dreams that I need to focus on chasing… Yet the truth is I haven’t been doing well with my motivational series on here and I need to regain my focus.
  4. While I know a lot of people that I feel like I could help if I was a better version of myself so I need to gather myself and pour all of my pain and anguish into fixing what is broken. Once I am fixed I can help those I care about.
  5. I am too lazy when it comes to working out and bettering myself physically. The most important thing to do is really need to dig deep, find some true motivation, and get my butt to the gym.
  6. I do not focus enough on my self-care and I really need to.
  7. Schoolwork can be both fun and overwhelming but I enjoy the challenge.


Feel free to share your Seven New Things Sunday April 30 Edition… Share any new things you learned this week 🙂

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