Lit Cube’s Got Mail… Because You’ve Got Mail.

Lit Cube is a monthly book box subscription.

Lit Cube’s subscription service is a product I signed up for in the beginning of February. I never received my first box until March and that was only after getting charged a second time for my first box, sent two emails to find out why I never got a box in February (and I had only signed up because they had an Alice in Wonderland theme and I wanted it desperately) and then I was charged for an April box which I did not even know the theme of.

I finally got my first box the last week of March and I was happy because it was a Beauty and the Beast theme. However, as excited as I was, when the theme for April was released I was upset. April’s theme was “you’ve got mail” and I never liked the movie, so I did not want this box. I had already been charged and Lit Cube offers No Refunds.

Frustrated by the course of what had happened, I emailed Lit Cube three times to try and find a sufficient solution. I had asked to be switched to the Gilmore Girls box just for the month of April, but I was ignored twice and sent a very rude and unsatisfactory response to the third email. I had considered just cancelling and finding a better service, however i was charged for May before I could cancel, and again before the theme was released.

I was beginning to notice a very unprofessional pattern on behalf of this subscription service company. How can a subscriber request to skip a month based on a bad theme if they are charged before the theme is released? I decided that, despite everything, I would wait to see what May’s theme was, and how the April box turned out, before making a final decision.

The April box finally came a few days ago and I must say that it isn’t a bad box. This box does contain some items I may giveaway to friends due to uselessness to me, but the book they chose sounds really interesting. I did a youtube unboxing video which you can see above (or below… I’m not actually sure where it will decide to show up once I publish.)

I can’t wait to add this book to my reading list, and see how this young adult version of this genre type can be interpreted and see if this book can change my mind about the movie I never enjoyed.


Keep an eye out for a review within the next few weeks, classes end soon and I will have a lot of free time. 🙂

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