NOLA; History and Amazing Sites

Howdy Y’all, and welcome back…

As some of you may know, I recentlywent to the beautiful and historic NOLA… a.k.a. New Orleans, Louisiana. I had such an amazing time in NOLA and I cannot count the days until I get to wake up in those historic streets again. Everywhere I turned was a beautiful shop, building, or story to discover. I was absolutely in love with every second of my time there, and I would gladly move there in a heartbeat. 


NOLA was truly an incredible, artistic, and cultural experience for me. I have never taken a trip on my own, without a co-pilot and honestly it was such an adventure. I have always been the type of person to suffer from wanderlust, and when this trip came I could not control it any longer. As you can see in my pretty pic, wanderlust is a strong desire to explore, and explore I did.

When deciding to venture into New Orleans, I tried to have a game plan without making an itinerary because I wanted freedom. Freedom… That was the word that led to this trip in the first place. I had been struggling with feelings of being trapped, unable to escape my torment. Unfortunately, I could not escape all my problems, and those difficulties followed me there and back, but something incredible did happen. I did something scary, something I was afraid to do but always wanted.

During this time, I took a road trip, out of state lines, by myself.

I got to see two places in the USA I have always wanted to see. Thanks to this trip, I learned so much about myself on my journey. Luckily I tried new foods, saw new places, listened to new music, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone to really explore a new area. There was no itinerary, no maps except the bus and trolley maps on my phone, and only the vaguest ideas of what I wanted to see and do. I took this trip with the only goal of experiencing what these cities had to offer, and the adventure along the way.

I don’t want to focus on my time in Nashville, or the driving parts of my trip. First, please let me tell you about my time in New Orleans itself, and the wonderful adventures I got to do. Admittedly I did do some research and made a list of all the places I’d like to see, and places I wanted to eat. While I knew I’d never hit all the food locations but that wasn’t the point. If I could, I would go back to New Orleans just to try more of the food because it was amazing.

When I first arrived in charming NOLA, it was really late and I couldn’t begin my adventures until morning. I decided to just chill out for the evening and order a pizza for dinner. (classy I know but it was almost 11pm and not much else was open.) When I woke up the first morning, I quickly bought my Jazzy Passes for the duration of my trip, and scoured Groupon for some good deals. I found some good deals on Groupon, one for a psychic reading and one for a cemetery tour. (If you want into the St. Louis Cemetery #1, which houses Marie Laveau and future resting spot of Nicholas Cage, you MUST have a tour guide so I recommend checking Groupon.)

More about my Groupon experiences later…

NOLA SucreI quickly got ready to face the day and headed out to where I was supposed to meet the bus. Here is where my first adventure begins… the NOLA bus lines. (trolleys are much easier but from my hotel is was either take the bus or drive and pay parking.) With a Jazzy Pass, a rider has unlimited access to both the buses and the trolleys, all of them. For an added fee, you can add the ferry as well, which I did for one day only. My adventure with the bus is this, the bus stops were confusing and when I got off the bus I went the wrong direction of where I wanted to go. I ended up walking past some beautiful buildings and some shady alleys, but I eventually made it to Canal Street.

Canal Street… Where all the magic in NOLA began for me. It wasn’t the bus, or the passes, or Groupons. It was Canal Street. I originally walked down most of Canal until I got my bearings and then began exploring the side streets and shops. I lucked out and found one of the places I wanted to find, by pure accident, Sucre. (Everyone must go here at least once… fresh macaroons, delicious deserts, and the friendliest and kindest wait staff.) That was the best way to start the day, and my trip. I sat down, enjoyed a sweet treat, and ordered some macaroons to go so I could share with my closest friends back home.

From there NOLA was a mix of delicious food, historic sights, museum tours, and amazing music and shops.

I met with a world-renowned psychic who was amazing, toured the cemeteries, shopped, and felt more alive than I have in years. That was what this trip was for me, a chance to feel something other than depression.

NOLA truly felt like a home away from home for me. I had never been there before but it didn’t frighten me, it didn’t really confuse me aside from the buses, and it felt like coming home after a long trip. I felt lighter, carefree, and more myself wandering the streets. Maybe the psychic was right and I had lived a past life in New Orleans, which could have explained a few odd things. Either way, the journey was worth every second of driving, every second of stress, and every second I was dismissed for wanting to do this. This journey set me free in so many ways, and gave me a new sense of purpose.


And for that, NOLA, I will always be grateful… until we meet again…


Stay tuned for some specifics of my trip, pics, and reviews… I will be bringing you those very soon. xoxo <3

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