Nashville Tn, the best place to be…

Nashville, Tennessee… The city of music…

Can you hear that little sigh of remembrance of my time there?


When I think of a Nashville I think of cowboy boots, country music, and a unique southern charm. Spending two days in Nashville made me believe in that even more. Nashville truly is a unique city full of culture, history, and music. I wish I would have been able to spend more time enjoying the magic that is Nashville, I can’t wait to return and do just that.

While I was in Nashville I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Antique Archaeology Museum, which is more of a tourist trap shop than a museum. This “museum” is owned by the guy from American Pickers although I’m not sure which because I rarely watch the show. This shop is full of items the two guys have
this shop was kind of interesting, and the area of Nashville it is located in was gorgeous. (See the slideshow below) I took a lot of photos supposedly picked during shows and are now selling. While it is sort of a letdown for not being a real museum,from both the area of Nashville and inside the museum. The area also help some hand-crafted artisan jewelry stores, a Harley Davidson store, a few wine shops, and an art gallery.

I also got to enjoy some time on Broadway Street my first night in Nashville.

I did not know Nashville had a Broadway Street, but so worth visiting. I had dinner at the Hard Rock Café, and it was delicious. I had an amazing meal before deciding to wander the streets and see what was around. I wandered into an amazing tattoo shop, a few little stores, a couple live music bars, and before leaving to go back to my hotel I went to a real-life Coyote Ugly Bar. That was amazing, something I have always wanted to do.




I also had the privilege of going to some amazing sights, like the Johnny Cash Museum, the Country Music Star Walk of Fame, the country music museum, and a few other museums. I spent a little time just walking around the downtown area of Nashville, looking at statues, taking in the sights and sounds. It was truly magical. I saw some beautiful artwork, the stars of famous country musicians, and gorgeous architecture in downtown Nashville. It was such a magical experience, especially when hearing the waves of the river not far from where I was standing. I wish I could have had more time to venture the parks and more of Broadway street, but all in all I highly enjoyed just wandering. 

I really enjoyed the Musicians Hall of Fame, not the same as the Country Music Hall of Fame. That was such a unique take on the famous stars of country music, and it was interactive. I had so much fun on the dj table, singing in the booth, and watching the videos. 













All in all, while my time was too short, it was worth every second. Just like my time in New Orleans, it wasn’t near long enough and I am counting the days until I can return. Only this time I will stay longer, try more food, listen to more music, go back to Coyote Ugly, and shop a little. I really wanted to buy a cowboy hat and a pair of boots.

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