Good Grief Novel

Good Grief Novel, this book is good…

Good Grief Novel by Vera Elle Unita is one of my favorite indie romance books I have read in quite some time. This book has a great, emotion-tugging story line, is almost perfectly edited, and has a gorgeous cover. After reading this book I felt compelled to write to Vera and let her know just how much I enjoyed her debut novel, and being her super sweet self, she appeared thrilled. This author is a fellow internet blogger, and fellow romance lover.

Good Grief Novel is a story about a brooding, alpha-male type and a sassy, vivacious female. I always love me a good sassy female as the lead in a story, and this novel does not disappoint. I really liked how even though the female lead was a strong and independent woman, she still showed her vulnerability and her softer side. The lead wasn’t afraid to be neurotic, to cry, to laugh, or to run. She was who she was and in a world where women are supposed to hide their emotions out of fear of judgement, this female is a breath of fresh air.


Then we have our leading man, a strange and mysterious man with a hidden past and more defenses than Buckingham Palace. Troubled by an event in his past, our man went on a war path to try and control those demons that haunt him. When destruction and chaos could not heal him, he turned to work and made himself a lonely but wealthy lifestyle. How long can a man with so much pain hide it from the world though?


Our characters come together when Mr. Alpha Male decides to renovate his mansion and forces little Miss Sass to do it on her first day. These two are entertaining when they fight, head butt, and argue over a puppy dog. Can these two overcome difficulties with a little Good Grief Novel ?


But there is a famous quote that fits this book too well…


“It’s not the destination but the journey that makes it worth it…” and this book is full of journey for these two.


Vera hit a homerun with this novel and I cannot wait to see what this talented new author does next.


Click Here <- Vera’s author page on Amazon. (this is a debut novel)

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