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Ten Favorite Movies of the Book Nerd Princess…

Hello Y’all and Welcome Back to a “All About the BNP” Post… This one is my Ten Favorite Movies…

Oh boy… Now this one could prove to be incredibly difficult for me, a known cinemaphile. (a.k.a a movie lover, one who is passionate about movies… etc.) How can I narrow down an entire lifetime of movie loving into 10? Well if I narrowed it down my genres, this would be so much easier. To challenge myself I am not narrowing down the list, just giving you the absolute top ten movies I could watch over and over and never tire of.


So without further ado… My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time:

10)  Beetlejuice – This movie has a fun plot, some good graphics for the time it was made, and an all star cast. This movie is entertaining, fun, and I enjoy the soundtrack a lot.


9) Dark Shadows (Movie) – Speaking of great soundtracks, my #9 choice of Dark Shadows has an amazing soundtrack. Plus, it has Johnny Depp and what movie can go wrong when it features such a gorgeous man? Plus it starts Chloe Moretz Grace and Michelle Pfeiffer… two other actresses I highly enjoy.


8) Halloween – While any Halloween franchise movie is at the top of my list for horror movies, you can not go wrong with the original. (aside: I do love the remakes so don’t judge.) Halloween is a classic horror film, and Jamie Lee Curtis is the original scream girl, a final girl for the ages.


7) Gone With The Wind – When talking about a classic must-watch, and then rewatch, movie Gone with the Wind has to be on the list. This movie is such a wonderful story, and even though she is a horrid spoiled brat, I love Scarlett.


6) Batman the Movie (the original with Adam West) – While there are many amazing Batman movies (excluding the horrible Batman Vs. Superman), the original Adam West version is a classic, hilariously bad, and entertaining version. This movie has the four most rememberable villains, cat woman, penguin, riddler, and joker. Plus… “Somedays you just can’t dispose of a bomb…” 🙂


Halfway through the list… Shall we continue?


5) Angels and Demons – While I firmly believe all three of the Robert Langdon movies should be top favorites for an Action & Adventure list, Angels and Demons is by far my favorite of the three. (Side Rant: The series of movies was done out of order, and they never did the third book into a movie. The fifth book is coming out in October and will probably get a movie before the third book does and that makes me sad. Rant Over. )


4) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – Now, if you are a firm subscriber of my site this might surprise you, however this is not my absolute favorite movie of all time. I truly do love watching this movie, and have watched it over 150 times. This movie has an amazing cast, I love Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, and while I don’t like some of the plot changes, I get them. I desperately had wanted a sequel, but we got the TV show Shandowhunters instead. (Not complaining about it, although the show changes so much!)


Top Three… Wow… These are the absolute best and my favorites of this list… so suspenseful…


3) Casablanca – It might be surprising that the girl who lives for Halloween and scary movies would have two classic romance movies on her top ten favorite movie lists, but Casablanca is such a classic it would be an insult not to add it. Ever since I first watched this movie, I have realized I do enjoy a little romance and have slowly begun to romanticize the world around me. It is a classic movie and such an amazing tale.


2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Before you panic, the entire Harry Potter series deserves a spot, and it is really hard for me to even put this movie one iota ahead of the rest. However this movie contains one scene that makes me teary eyed every time, “Always”, and I really love the conclusion with the next generation boarding the train. If it weren’t for those two specific scenes, I’d have had to add the entire series just to be fair because to me they are all incredible, magical, and equal. (ALSO: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are included in the “Harry Potter” listing because I loved it as well.)


1)  Dirty Dancing – This movie has been one of my top favorite movies since I was about six years old. Dirty Dancing made me want to be a dancer. I wanted to move with grace and fluidity, and to fall in love like Baby did. At the time I was already in dance lessons. This movie motivated me to want to be the best, to practice and try and reach for the stars. Whenever I get down on myself, it is a go to movie to inspire me.


I do have two honorable mentions because I feel they need to be on this Ten Favorite Movies page somewhere:
  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  2. Clockwork Orange

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