Seven New Things Sunday – Bringing Back My Faves

Have you been missing the Seven New Things Sunday segments as much as me?   Well let me begin by saying just how much I missed making these posts. My SNTS and my Five For Friday (FFF) posts brought me a lot of joy when I was doing them regularly. Due to the website’s expansion, […]

Celeb Crushes

Who Are The Best Celeb Crushes?

Who are your favorite celeb crushes? What about your most cringe-worthy, but still love them celeb crush? I’m not 100% sure my celeb crushes are cringe-worthy, well at least not to me they aren’t. I have found that my crushes from childhood haven’t changed much into my adulthood. I may have outgrown my obsession with […]

book nerd princess

Book Nerd Princess? Where did that come from?

Book Nerd Princess? Why they heck did I pick that name?   When I first dreamed of creating this website, I knew I needed to pick a name that truly fit me, the real me. I wanted to choose a domain and brand name that was quirky but relatable, something cute and funny. I wanted […]