Sucré – My New Favorite Dessert Shop, NOLA

Sucré: Magical Dessert Shop in a Magical City.

SucréAs you may know, or may not, I recently took a road trip to New Orleans. (You can read my post HERE.) While I was in NOLA I had the pleasure of going to a sweet shop called Sucré. Sucré is an amazing little shop in the middle of the French Quarter. I had been out to eventually found Sucré but accidentally found it the first day I was in NOLA.

Trust me, I am not complaining. Sucré was one of my favorite stops in New Orleans while I was there. Therefore, I wanted to post a review of my visit to the magical Sucré.

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Walking into Sucré is like walking into a Parisian desserts shop. It smells amazing, the décor is adorable, and every single treat looks heavenly. I was honestly like a kid in a candy store, not able to decide what looked better. This was the very first store or shop that I went too in New Orleans, and it was worth it. Eating their desserts at 10am will always be a wise choice in my book.

I have read that Sucré has a garden roof top seating area and had wanted to desperately see it. Unfortunately for me, the roof top was booked for a private event. I had wanted to go back during my trip but ended up so busy with everything else I didn’t get a chance. It is on my bucket list for WHEN I return to NOLA. I will go back to NOLA, I will go back, and I will see that beautiful garden roof top area. That is a guarantee.


The Food:

While there, I tried their Devil’s Food Chocolate dessert, and it was sinfully delicious. As you can see from the picture to the right, the store pays very close attention to every detail. As a treat, I bought a box of strawberry macaroons to my closest friends. The macaroons were incredibly delicious even over a week after purchase. We also realized the macaroons had a little bit of shimmer to them, and were delicious.

I cannot wait to go back to New Orleans, and especially to go to Sucré every day that I am there.

This shop is surely a treat… What is your favorite sweet shop? Share in the comments below… and as always feel free to like, share, pin, etc… xoxo


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