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Wanderlust List… My top ten MUST SEE places

Wanderlust in the savvy millennial is simply natural… So I am making a Wanderlust List to share with you.

Millennials, as a whole, appear to be undertaking new ways of finding their place in the world. We, as a group, seem to enjoy traveling and experiencing the world in such new and unusual ways. I know our group seems to be getting a bad reputation because of this wanderlust, but in an age of constant technology a little freedom is necessary.

This got me thinking. If I had the ability, of the guts, to just take off and explore my world, where would I go? Is this something you have ever thought about? Well I have and sometimes I can’t stop thinking about it.

Wanderlust List:

Wanderlust is a word not unfamiliar to many. By definition, it means a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. If you have ever had the inexplicable desire to just get out and see someplace new, you have had a case of wanderlust. I would bet that every person who reads this would shake their head and recall at least once when this happened. (If so leave a comment below and tell me where it was you wanted to go!)

A wanderlust list is just a travel bucket list, except for me the name makes it more magical. Traveling is magic to me, seeing a new town or state or country, new cultures. I love the sights, sounds, people, colors, and smells. It seems like even exploring your own state can provide a multitude of new experiences. Wanderlust is a real magical feeling, and when acted upon can provide a lifetime of magical moments.

Every person in the world has at minimum one place they want to see in person. That is their wanderlust list. Mine is definitely more than just one place, truthfully it is every place. Saying I want to visit everywhere is no fun, for me or for you readers. In the spirit of having a fun website, I am breaking down my extraordinarily long list into my top ten.

Wanderlust List Top Ten:

10 – Amsterdam.
While I may not seem like the type who would want to see this historic and culturally different area, I am. As I write this description I have a big smile on my face, because Amsterdam would be a purely fun and energetic type of place to visit. The colors, the scandal, the amusement, the varying sectors. It just all looks like such a thrilling experience.

9 – Russia.
Before you think I am crazy, hear me out. While there is always tension between the USA and Russia, remember what the country has to offer. A culture so drastically different. Gorgeous architecture unlike anything else in the world. Colors beyond compare everywhere in their buildings. A history that would make a nerd like me geek out hardcore. While it may be cold, and I hate the cold, there are so many things worth exploring. I’d also just want to go shopping because they have a unique brand of fashion and decoration. Let’s not forget, Russian is such a rough but amazing sounding language.

8 – Germany.
My mother’s family is German, and have given me a love and respect for the country. When I lost my mother, I had begun to research her family genealogy. I discovered so many amazing things through my research, like that I am related to English royalty and Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. The coolest thing I discovered was that at a point in time, the family owned a castle in Germany which is still standing. If I only had a few hours I’d want to see that castle just as a piece of my own personal history. Obviously, I’d love to see more, but that is the top of the Germany visiting list.

Still with me? Awesome! Let’s keep going!

7 – Ireland.
Much for the same reason I want to see Germany, I want to see Ireland. My father’s family is Irish, so I have Irish roots. Although I never finished my family genealogy yet, I dream of seeing some of the most iconic places in Ireland. Ireland has beautiful country sides, the Blarney Stone, quaint villages, pubs, and scenery to die for. This would be a country that I would want to drive from one side to the other, up the coast, and back just to see it all. Ireland in my wanderlust list road trip site. (and yes, I made that up.)

6 – Madrid.
While Spain itself is the epitome of magic, I have always had a fascination with Madrid. I don’t know why, but the colors ae gorgeous and I love Spanish culture. I really have no other reason other than that sadly, but I do know I want to explore this deep desire to see the Spanish country.

Down to the Top Five…

5 – Italy.
Italy is such a complicated place to put on this list. Certain cities I am desperate to see would move it higher while another would move it lower. I decided to lump the whole country together because if I didn’t the list would feel wrong. The main places I want to see are Turin, Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Venice, Verona, and Pisa. Much like Ireland, this is a country I’d need to road trip through and see everything. Italy is too full of history and beauty that a week would never suffice. I’d have to spend a month, if not a full year in this beautiful country, or just go back multiple times until I see it all. I almost was able to spend the summer in Turin for a field school but I could not raise the funds in time. It was a heartbreaking time for me.

4 – Paris.
I will gladly travel the entirety of France, and I even surprised myself that Paris was my #4 pick. When making my list this always was a higher choice, however one thing is destroying my desire to go. I love Paris. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic symbols of love and light and I want to stand atop it at least once in my life.

The shopping, the fashion, the food, the shops, the food. I know I said food twice, and many ways of saying shopping, but FOOD AND SHOPPING. Also, the Louvre! I want to see it so badly. My killer is that when I was in the Army and my mom was getting sicker we made a promise to go to Paris together, but she passed away before we could. For me, Paris is a place I must go for her because it was her choice, but it will also be heartbreaking. For this, I had to drop it out of the top three, because going will me magical and devastating at the same time.

Only Three Left… Have I hit your favorite yet?

3 – Tokyo.
While I am not a large studier in the history of Asian cultures, I have a deep respect for both China and Japan, as well as al Asian cultures. However, Tokyo is so high on my list because of their amazing advancements in the range of technology and their unique cultural explosion. With American movies romanticizing Tokyo culture, I find myself wanting to see it for myself. From the amazing fashion, soaring skyscrapers, and advanced technology, I can’t help myself. Also, I hear the food is out of this world, sometimes quite literally. I am a foodie, and while incredibly picky I at least try something once.

2 – London.
While the United Kingdom is all on my list at different points, because who could go to the country and not see Stonehenge? London must be of upmost priority for me. Culturally, London is a hub and deserves to be respected for its importance. I’d love to see where the royals stay, the pubs, the shops, and even the cool buses and phone boxes. London is such a drastically different environment from America, being calmer and laid back. Plus, the museums, the history, the architecture, all draw me in.

Last, but certainly not least… My number one pick…

1 – Egypt.
I have always wanted to see the pyramids, the Nile, the Sphinx, and the museums. For as long as I can remember I have held a fascination with the Pharaohs, especially Cleopatra. I’d love to just roam the streets, feel the buzz in the area, and soak up the history. I want to feel the heat of such a magical land and explore every nook and cranny I am allowed.

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