Lady Midnight Review – A Book By Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, is the young adult spin-off of the Mortal Instruments we didn’t know we needed…


Lady Midnight is the first book in the newest Mortal Instruments spin-off series Dark Artifices, by the amazing Cassandra Clare. The second book, Lord of Shadows, is out yet but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. (This is making me sad and driving me crazy because I liked Lady Midnight so much and I want to know what happens next…)


Lady Midnight


Lady Midnight picks up a few years after City of Heavenly Fire ends. Lady Midnight focus on Emma and Julian, plus Julian’s siblings, who are all living in the Los Angeles Institute in the aftermath of Sebastian’s devastating visit.


Emma and Julien are basically the adults, even though they are still teenagers. Julian’s uncle took over control of the Institute after Julien’s father was killed, and the uncle also agreed to take in Emma in the aftermath. The problem is, Julian and his uncle have a horrible secret that threatens to destroy everything they have worked so hard to build.


Emma, has her own secrets, many of them. Haunted by the death of her parents, Emma is seeking justice because she does not believe her parents were murdered by Sebastian. Emma has spent years gathering proof that someone, or something, else killed her parents.


While this is all going on we find more drama with Julian…


Julian also has other secrets that he can’t bring himself to share. With a secret room full of his secrets hidden in his painting studio, what more can this young man do? Between balancing all his secrets and caring for all his younger siblings, we see Julien growing so quickly and in so many ways.


I think my favorite parts of the book are the return of Mark, Julian’s older brother. If you read the Mortal Instruments series, you know Mark was sent to spend the rest of his days in the Hunt. (If not, READ IT! It is so worth it.) With Mark, we meet Kiernan, a Seelie prince, and Mark’s lover. I also love Christina, she is such a top-notch tough girl with a great heart.


With all the lies, secrets, and drama, my favorite part was seeing where all my favorite characters from the Mortal Instruments are. Clary still contacts Emma regularly, Jace and Clary are still my relationship goals, and Simon, Izzy, Alec, and Magnus? Well no spoilers there, but Magnus makes multiple appearances. I love me some Magnus. However, when I read the extra scene at the end, my fangirl heart exploded. #nospoilers


I absolutely was sucked into this book. There was so much teenage drama, angst, secrets, and forbidden love? Not to mention betrayal at some pretty epic levels. (Wow, I think I just geeked while writing this post and fangirled at the same time.)


This book is a very good young adult novel, and is absolutely worth the read.


Have you read Lady Midnight? What about The Mortal Instruments? What are your thoughts on the book???

Comment below so we can get a great discussion going… xoxo

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    1. The mortal instrument series is my top fave 🙂 lol it is definitely worth a read… I recently got my friend hooked and she read the whole series in a week hahaha I hope you like them if you do!!! You should let me know what you think of you read 🙂

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