Five For Friday… It’s Back!

Welcome back to the Five for Friday weekly posts!!!


I am so excited to be bringing back the Five for Friday posts, as well as the Seven New Things Sunday posts. I had gotten away from these two posts to focus on some other new projects, but now I have found my balance and am ready to pick back up some extra assignments. If you haven’t read my Five for Friday posts before, it is simple. Every Friday I tell you five things I am grateful for. Think of this as a make shift gratitude journal, except I share my gratitude with everyone reading.


Since it has been a few months since my last FFF post, I am not 100% sure where to start. I say we just jump on in…


My Five for Friday, July 28, 2017…


Number Five:

I have had so many exciting new changes to the website since my last FFF post. I have worked on creating a new logo, will be creating a new one for a rebrand starting September 1, I have branched into beauty, more travel, soon fashion, and added youtube posts. While I have introduced the real girl behind the Book Nerd Princess recently, soon I’ll be unveiling a huge surprise!!! #nospoiler


Number Four:

I got a job! It is not in my chosen field, or anything I particularly enjoy, but it pays the bills. The schedule is flexible enough that I can finish my last semester of undergrad school. The pay is high enough that I have a little spending money. It works for now and I am grateful for that.


Number Three:

I have begun a new chapter in life. Without going in to too many details, I got out of my marriage. I have begun to really focus on myself and getting myself to a good place. Since my ex left, things have begun to really turn around and I am grateful for all the positive changes in my life. I have been really making some strong and positive lifestyle changes in hopes of turning my life around.


Number Two:

I passed all my classes for the Spring semester, as well as passed my DJ test. I am so proud of myself because I struggled a lot through the semester. With personal issues, no income, difficult classes, extra coursework, and professors who were overworked and stressed because of university changes, I worried. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to pass and when I learned I only had one semester of financial aid left, I panicked. Luckily, with hard work, dedication, and some amazing friends, I passed all my classes.


Number One:

My readers. I know this may sound cliché, but it is true. Every single person who reads my posts, likes Facebook posts, retweets my tweets, shares something, pins something, or likes an Instagram post just brings the biggest smile to my face. I have been able to expand this website so much thanks to every single follower and I am grateful to each and every person. Without you and your support, I wouldn’t be given some of the amazing opportunities that I have and will be having soon. So, thank you!



I’d love to know what you are grateful this week… What is your FFF? Comment below!!!



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