Celeb Crushes

Who Are The Best Celeb Crushes?

Who are your favorite celeb crushes?
What about your most cringe-worthy, but still love them celeb crush?

I’m not 100% sure my celeb crushes are cringe-worthy, well at least not to me they aren’t. I have found that my crushes from childhood haven’t changed much into my adulthood. I may have outgrown my obsession with New Kids on the Block, and NSYNC, but my love for Johnny Depp has never faltered. At 28, it seemed like a fun idea to take a look at my favorite gorgeous celebs and see who are my favorite celeb crushes…

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I am not sure where to begin for this, a countdown?

A list? A ranking? I don’t think any of those sounds right so I am just going to jump in, head first, and as names pop in my head I’ll right them down. So who are my celeb crushes?

Obviously, first up will be my main man crush, Johnny Depp. No one will ever disagree that this man isn’t gorgeous, talented, and funny. He is perfect. Plus, he gets better looking as he gets older! He is unfair.

Next up, we must go with Channing Tatum. I mean, come on… Magic Mike anyone? The boy can dance, has a rocking bod, and played G.I. Joe! He is talented and sweet. I loved him in the 21 Jump Street movies, he was amazing in Step Up, and he kills it in Magic Mike.

Lita, a female ex-professional wrestler turned trainer, is one of my childhood into adulthood crushes. She was and still is such a gorgeous woman. Plus, Lita is the epitome of strength and beauty. Lita shows that a woman can be strong, athletic, and beautiful all at one time without being an airhead or anything else. She is a heroine and she is still my favorite.

Reese Witherspoon is absolutely a must have on my list for a multitude of reasons. She is such a sweet, adorable, open woman, and she is real. Reese is a brilliant woman, she produces her movies now, works hard, and is a versatile actress. Reese is also super adorable and has the sweetest southern accent.

I could provide a Top 100 list of the male athletes I like to look at, especially the WWE wrestling superstars.

A quick list would include Matt and Jeff Hardy, Noam Dar, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Bobby Rhode, The Usos, and many more. Heck, I even have mad love for the announcer Cory Graves.

As far as professional athletes outside of the realm of strong, built, and sweaty wrestlers, I have had a long crush on Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The hair, the smile, the face, the speed. He is amazing. One game I was at, he got hit in the face and left the game with a broken and bloody nose, only to come back right at the end of the third period to score the game winning goal. That is amazing. (This is him ->)

I should probably wrap this up or I will be listing gorgeous celebrities for days, however there is one more I’d like to mention…

Brendon Urie, lead singer of my favorite band Panic at the Disco. Brendon can sing, dance, and every show I have seen play a new instrument. The man can croon, he can almost rap, and he can belt out notes I can’t even dream of. Brendon has a rocker vibe with a 1920’s soul. Also, let’s not lie, he is really attractive. I have seen almost every single show PATD has played in my area, all except one actually. Brendon is also a whole-heartedly good soul, and he is a genuine person. He shares some of the sweetest messages, as well as funniest videos. He is a star who genuinely cares about every single fan and it is apparent in every show, social media post, and statement he makes.

So, there we go… All of the celeb crushes I can think of… I don’t think any are cringe-worthy… do you?

Who are your celeb crushes… good or bad? SHARE THEM BELOW in the comments… xoxo

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