Seven New Things Sunday – Bringing Back My Faves

Have you been missing the Seven New Things Sunday segments as much as me?


Well let me begin by saying just how much I missed making these posts. My SNTS and my Five For Friday (FFF) posts brought me a lot of joy when I was doing them regularly. Due to the website’s expansion, social media growth, and the introduction of me, Stacie, the girl behind the name, things got hectic. I have been working hard to expand the Book Nerd Princess brand and I have received a lot of notice for my hard work. With all the work, I slacked a lot on SNTS and FFF, so I am bringing them both back in time for the August 1 unveiling of new segments.


With all of the new things going on with this site, lets discuss some things I have learned in the last few months.


Seven New Things Sunday – July 30, 2017


Number 7:

Asking for help, or adding a partner, for big projects is never a bad idea! #nospoilers

Number 6:

Affirmations and meditation can really fulfil the soul in a way nothing else can. There is something truly spiritual about getting in touch with your inner most self.

Number 5:

Researching the things you want to accomplish can really change your entire perspective for a project. As I have been gearing up to unveil new projects on this site, my research has helped, changed, and molded my ideas.

Number 4:

I can accomplish great things when I focus and work hard. Even at my lowest points, I have been able to claw my way out and rise more successfully. Maybe this is why the phoenix is my spirit animal.

Number 3:

There are way too many tools for editing YouTube videos, and it is confusing picking the right one. The same goes for social media schedulers, Pinterest schedulers, and photo editing software. The only thing I know for sure is that Canva is my go-to for making graphics.

Number 2:

I am a weird little book nerd princess. It is true that I have peculiar interests within everything I do, and I am very picky. I am picky about clothes, shoes, accessories, shows I watch, music I listen to, even food I eat. I can’t help it, I just like what I like.

Number 1:

I am not worthless. This is such a hard lesson for me to learn but so critical to commit to memory. I am a capable, independent, and worthwhile individual. Not only am I worthwhile, but every single human being on the planet is. Realizing this has been so monumentally life changing you can’t even imagine.


What have you learned this week? SHARE BELOW! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Seven New Things Sunday – Bringing Back My Faves

  1. I love doing research and how it can expand our viewpoints! In the past week, I’ve learned that it’s ok to accept the criticism and viewpoint of others on my blog, because it changes my perspective and also can help to understand where someone is coming from (insecurities and so on). I’m totally ordering that Lit Cube, by the way!

    1. I think accepting criticism is crucial!!! I’m about to upload my litcube review of the June box on YouTube!!! If your subscribed you will see the notification in about ten minutes. 🙂

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