Lit Cube June

Modern Cinderella Lit Cube June Review

Lit Cube June Unboxing… Modern Cinderella Lit-Cube is probably one of my favorite subscription services that I subscribe to, despite some of their flaws. They typically have amazing themes, and the books are always good. The box is considered “young-adult” but that truly doesn’t even matter in this day and age. The Lit Cube June’s […]

Lit Cube July

Lit Cube July Review…. Heroes and Villains

Lit Cube Review: July 2017   Hey Y’all… I’m back with another review for the Lit-Cube Subscription Box. This Lit Cube Review is for July 2017, and the theme was SUPERHEROES VS VILLANS. I am in love with the theme for this month and I think it was a really good idea, and a good […]

blackhead removal tool

My Review of My First Blackhead Removal Tool…

Hi There… Have I got an amazing product for you! Was that something that made you stop? Did I get your attention yet? How about if I said that I found a product that will clean your pores, remove blackheads, and has an attachment for microdermabrasion? Did that capture your attention because it had caught […]

Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion – Casual, Cool, and Cute.

 Fun Summer Fashion… College Kid Edition… Before I begin, I know I am a little older than most college kids, I am 28. I also know that for the summer fashion of 2017, the biggest trend was apparently crop tops and booty shorts, however some college ladies want to wear something cute, fashionable, and a […]

skin care

Skin Care for the late 20-something…

To skin care or not to skin care? This feels like an age-old question, specifically for me. I am 28 years old, about a month away from turning 29. As a millennial woman about to be leaving her “20-something” age, I have been hit hard with the skin care bug. I have never been the […]