Fashion Beginnings

Fashion Beginnings for Book Nerd Princess

Fashion Beginnings:

On July 21st, I was given an amazing opportunity that could change my life. This is how I am getting my fashion beginnings…

I was accepted to be a brand ambassador for Thriver clothing. For me, becoming a brand ambassador for a line like Thriver seemed like a long shot. However, being accepted is officially my fashion beginnings for this site. I have wanted to expand the website into fashion, but felt I might not have been what any brand would want. Getting that email stating I was officially a Thriver brand ambassador was beyond exciting.

This notification came hours after I was talking to my boyfriend about how I wanted to begin launching fashion posts starting August 1st. We were discussing how I might need his help, and how I wanted to take this new expansion. Also, we had spent hours talking about how to incorporate better YouTube videos onto my channel as well as on the site. We have been discussing ways to make the site as user friendly as I want it, as well as working on a new logo. He is very good with computers and he has been trying to help since my rebrand “relaunch” didn’t go as well as I had hoped. It’s not that it was unsuccessful, but things just aren’t the way I dreamed. I have a very distinct idea in my head and I am struggling to accomplish it on my own.

I still have some other ideas to eventually incorporate, but fashion beginnings were next on my agenda, along with better videos. Fashion has always been so important to me. Only recently have I allowed myself to really explore my own fashion sense. This sense of my own style is why I love Thriver.

So why Thriver???

Thriver has a very unique but vintage look and feel to their style, which is 100% exactly my look. These clothes are perfect for my fashion beginnings. Typically,  I like to play with my style. Sometimes I rock a little more boho look and others I can be very rock and roll. Most days I mix vintage pieces with a modern flair, and try to add some great details. Thriver has so many great pieces that are easy to play up, mix up, and accessorize. I’ve already made my first purchases and can’t wait to receive my clothes and show you the stuff I bought. I also can’t wait to share with you how I play with these pieces and make them my own.

The best part is that if you shop at and use my custom code “Booknerd” you will receive 10% off your purchase!! This is incredible because some of their tops are only $26… (I bought a top for myself and it was $26!) Most high end clothing lines like Thriver are so much pricier but they don’t gouge their clients who just want quality clothing.

Remember that this is my fashion beginnings so:…Shop at “Booknerd” coupon code for 10% off

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