My Tattoos… I am a Tattoo Lover.

Tattoos; Growing trend that I am not immune too…

Throughout my time in college, I have done an extensive amount of research into the topic of tattoos. I have looked at body adornment in the context of history, anthropology, and throughout specific cultures. During my studies, I have learned a lot and have proven trends within the topic. I have presented my finding multiple times and have been extended an invitation to publish my research, which I am currently working on.


Why am I sharing this?


I have multiple tattoos, and I’d like to share mine, including the meanings and special details. All my tattoos are incredibly personal for one reason or another, and I thought it would be nice to share that.


Tattoo #1

TattoosThis tattoo is a design I created, to incorporate the things that were the most crucial to me at the time. The symbol stands for Peace, Love, and Music. I got this tattoo on my 20th birthday, and it was the first tattoo I ever got. It was a symbol of freedom for me, freedom from my past. I got this tattoo on my hip because it felt like a good place to get it, but not hinder employment opportunities in the future. When I got this tattoo, it was the night a group of friends were trying to surprise me with a surprise birthday party. (I wasn’t surprised… lol)


Tattoo #2


While this tattoo may not look like a million-dollar piece of work, it means a lot to me. I got this tattoo days after my mother passed away. My mother knew she wouldn’t live a long life with her cancer, and always asked me if I would name a child after her. We always jokingly said if she passed away before I was ready for kids, I would get a remembrance tattoo. When she passed away, I began my mission.


I found a tattoo artist who drew this up, and while I’d love to get it fixed up and made to look better, this is it. Originally the angel was larger, but I asked to have her thinned out. My only requirement, Bright Red Hair. I got my request.

Tattoo #3

tattoosThis tattoo may seem messier than my angel, but that is why I love it. I decided to get this tattoo as a mantra to myself to remain calm in bad situations. Ma ‘at the Egyptian Goddess of perfect harmony and balance in the world. To me, this tattoo makes me think about how I am a tiny speck in the grander scheme, and it grounds me. Grounding is important to someone who struggles with severe anxiety.


The handwriting in messy, and it is supposed to be. That handwriting is actually an exact copy of my only siblings writing. I had asked him, without explanation, to write the word and send me a picture. I wanted it to be organic and authentic, not perfect. When the tattoo was finished I sent him a picture of my new tattoo and he was shocked.

Tattoo #4tattoos

This tattoo is my favorite. It is my first literary tattoo, but hopefully not my last. This tattoo is one of two quotes I want from the Mortal Instruments Series, by Cassandra Clare. The series is my favorite book series, and I have one other quote from the book I want.


I chose this quote because it reminds me that love is real, love is true, and even I can find it. Love doesn’t pretend or die, it is eternal. This was something I desperately needed in my life for the last few years. I struggled with love in all capacities. This tattoo is beautiful to me, just like the series and the scene it was used in.


Tattoo #5

tattoosThis is my most recent tattoo. This was an impulse piece, inspired in part by my love for the song Closer. I had originally wanted to get a rose shoulder piece and had no clue why. I am not even joking, I just decided I want a rose piece, and I hate roses. Personally, I think they are ugly and smell bad. It was bizarre, and the people I told about this thought it was bizarre as well.


When researching the design, I found a cool design that was roses without shading. The design looked like a coloring book and I loved it. On a hunch, I looked up lilies, which are my favorite flower, and found the same thing. I wanted the piece to have no shading, which you can see isn’t what I got. I also wanted one more lily so it was a full shoulder piece, which I also didn’t get.


My tattoo guy messed up a little and started shading the piece, which confused me. We decided to just go with it and he gave me a discount for screwing up. He also offered to have me come back and add the third lily to finish the piece whenever I get time, so I can get it finished easily. I like the mistakes, even though I do want the third flower to finish it. To me, it reminds me that even when life gets messy, it gets more beautiful and poetic. Plus I think it makes me look kind of bad-ass when I wear a tank top or something sleeveless and can show it off.



I have I have a list of more tattoos that I want to get and plan to get soon… but I have to ask!


What kind of tattoos do you have and love?

What kind of tattoos do you want and plan to get because I want to know… ?

Also, I’d love if you shared pics of your tats, or what you want! Just comment below or look for me on my social media channels by clicking —- > Here


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