Dream Job

Dream Job… Dream Future…

Everyone has a dream job, even me… but what is my dream job you ask?


Well, let me tell you… after a little background about me…


My undergraduate college life has been very unconventional. First, I didn’t start going to college for two years after graduating high school. Then I left college my second year to enlist in the U.S. Army. When I came back I enrolled back into school after a semester before having to leave again. When I lost my mom in 2011, I left college again due to financial aid issues and enrolled in community college. I graduated from community college and ended up getting a full-time job, in a place I hated, doing a job I hated, and was miserable for two full years. After a failed marriage in that time I reenrolled back into my original school to finally get a bachelor’s degree in something I loved.

That leads me to where I am now…


When reenrolling into a 4-year university, my dream was to work in a museum as a curator. It was the focus of so much of my life, but things have changed. As I grow and learn more about myself, and with the help of this website, my dream has changed. I had always wanted a job that allowed some creative freedom, where I could help and change, and enjoy going to work every day. I thought working in a museum would be the key to that but I have learned so much this last school semester that my thought has changed drastically.


While I’d love to work in a museum, it has become more of a dream to volunteer and have fun there. Instead of working in a museum, I have a new dream.


I want to be a:

Sociocultural Anthropologist


Many of you are probably asking, what the heck that is? Maybe you are thinking that it sounds fancy and complicated. Let me just say, it definitely isn’t. hahaah


If I got my dream job in this field, I would be working in a large corporation, i.e. Google for example. In this job, I would oversee researching social media practices and patterns to establish better marketing for the company. With my research, I’d also be able to assist the company with better strategies for reaching new clients, better advertising, and showing improvement in gaining clients. This would be a good use of a lot of my skills and interests. Ideally this job would include a lot of travel to immerse myself in the cultures of different people to better research the patterns used and needed to advance.


So there you have it… my dream job.

What is your dream job? Are you currently living your dream? If so, how did you get there? Please share your comments to these questions below! I love to hear success stories, or from people pursuing their dreams… xoxo

2 thoughts on “Dream Job… Dream Future…

  1. But doesn’t being an anthropologist indicate you’re studying long dead people’s social media? 😀 Why not just sociology or communication, which covers those as well?

    I’d be happy with being a successful novelist. Just gotta get people to buy my books. That’s the tricky part.

    1. It does mean studying social media of long since dead, but it is really so much more… we use the past trends to view current trends… and predict future trends… it’s really fascinating.

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