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Budget Friendly Travel Fashion… Nashville Inspired.

Fashion for the Unfashionable…


Budget Travel Fashion NashvilleDid that title get your attention? How about this one, “Fashion on a Budget?” Would you rather it be “Budget but Fashionable Travel Looks?” Google those and you will find a lot of hits. Fashion is a thing men, women, young, and old, all try to stay “on top of.” So many people spend a lot of money on being stylish. I mean look at my picture to the left there, pretty cute outfit huh? What would you say if I told you that that outfit is surprisingly affordable? I mean heck one of those pieces came from a Walmart, as a lot of my core pieces do. Budget is important, so let’s look at my budget travel look.

What was this outfit for?

This outfit, the one right above this, was created and worn while driving 9 hours from Nashville TN, to New Orleans, LA. I packed this for my travel day to invoke a little of the Nashville vibe with a little southern charm, while making sure I was cute, comfortable, and not too hot while driving further south.


As I said, one pieces comes from Walmart. That is my olive green, quarter sleeve, tee shirt. The top of the back is open with the crisscross strings. This top is so soft, and wear so well. I am a plus size girl, and this specific top is incredibly flattering. I’ve paired this top with vests, like I did this day, or by itself. I have worn it with sweaters, skirts, shorts, jeans, heels or flats. For this outfit, I chose jeans, a vest, and cute brown strappy booties. But would you believe me if I told you that green top was only $7? Well believe it because it was.


Now the other two pieces might seem a little pricier, but when you factor in quality and style, I think it is worth it…

Let me talk about that gorgeous pumpkin orange flannel vest first. That vest, while the details are hard to see, if quite unique. There is an open top back, which showed the gorgeous back details of my green shirt. On the front clavicle area, is fringe. And it has a collared vest for a little bit of a stylish look. This vest is part boho, part country, and part style-fiend. I got that vest at one of my favorite guilty splurge stores, Buckle. The vest is from one of their lines, and only cost me $34. While this may be more than I would normally spend, I caved because it fit and was only a large, it looked good, and was so unique. Typically, IF I can buy anything from Buckle it has to be an XL or it doesn’t fit, even though sometimes an XL doesn’t even fit right.

The jeans are also from Buckle, from the Big Star line. These jeans have become my favorite pair of jeans even though they are literally the most expensive pair I have ever owned. The jeans fit perfectly over every inch of my lower body, are the perfect length being an X-long, and are flattering. These jeans also feel so soft, like I have worn them for years. They have the perfect amount of stretch without falling down at the end of the day, and still look good after a few wears.

I Love These Jeans Because…

These are a tighter boot cut jean, so they look good with boots, flats, sneakers, tucked or untucked, even flip-flops. These jeans were a huge splurge, $120. I only bought them because I was a member of the reward program so I got a $20 discount with the points. I almost returned them because of the price, but because of the quality and the fit I am truly glad I didn’t.

Not Shown…

Not shown are my shoes, which were a cute pair of booties from Shoe Dazzle. If you like any shoes I own, they probably came from Shoedazzle.com because they have gorgeous shoes, cheap. Typically, I buy the monthly showroom shoes, which are $39.95 with free shipping, however they also run amazing sales and discounts. I stocked up during a buy 1 get one free sale. I bought so many shoes! It was amazing.


With my look I just left my hair wild and since I was driving so long alone, no make-up.


What is your favorite road-trip travel outfit? Do you have any similar pieces?

If so, I’d love for you to share your styling either in the comments or over on my social media pages… Click Here for all my links…



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  1. My favorite road trip travel outfit is something I wore when I visited Memphis this past spring. First of all, I know all about Buckle jeans…are they not the softest jeans in the world?? I usually go for my new York and company bootcut jeans, a purple cold shoulder Jennifer Lopez top, and this random patchwork baseball hat I got at bass pro shops. I think booties work well for road trip outfits too. I also wore a funky gold steampunk cog necklace. Good read! Have a good time on your trip!

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