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My Review of My First Blackhead Removal Tool…

Hi There… Have I got an amazing product for you!

Was that something that made you stop? Did I get your attention yet? How about if I said that I found a product that will clean your pores, remove blackheads, and has an attachment for microdermabrasion? Did that capture your attention because it had caught mine when I first saw it.

Ok, I am done being silly and salesy because I am not really selling anything. I just wanted to be funny.

If you are a loyal follower, and if you are just know I love you for that and if you aren’t I love you are reading this and hope you peruse further, you know I love trying new products. I am constantly on the hunt for amazing “forever products.” I struggle finding quality “forever products” because my skin is so finicky. This blackhead removal tool is absolutely going into my skin care arsenal as a “forever product.”

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Ever since I made the mistake of trying a new skin care line, my skin has been incredibly temperamental. I was getting whiteheads, acne, blackheads, and my pores became huge and were never coming clean. If I pushed on my nose, gunk would come out of my enlarged pores. I was constantly worrying about my skin, my face, and my health. This whole experience depressed me.

What did I do to fix the problem?

Blackhead Removal Tool

Well, I decided to search for “how to get rid of blackheads” amongst searching Pinterest and Google for good skin care routines. I was desperate to try anything to fix my skin before it got worse. When I found the Arino Blackhead Remover Tool on Amazon, (Click Here if Interested) I was stoked. For only $39.99 and free Prime Shipping, I figured it was worth the try.

I have always been curious about this pore sucker tools, and I was always a little scared. The Arino tool seemed safer to me because it has four different suction settings, as well as different sized heads that would change the amount of pressure while using. I decided to give it a shot and see what would happen. At the very least, it would be able to suck out the gross gunk my old skincare line left in my pores, so I couldn’t lose.

I got the tool in two days and immediately charged it. The Arino blackhead removal tool is hands-free, so it comes with a charging base. (FYI: The charging base uses a USB port to charge, so I used an old Iphone charging cube. They don’t include a charging cube just the cable.) The tool comes with four heads, a large pore head, small pore head, microdermabrasion, and an oval pore head.

The product… my review.

I have sampled all four attachment heads and I want to share my thoughts. First, the large head is too big for me. Because the head has such a large opening the suction pressure it too strong for my skin and it hurt. I prefer to stick with the small pore head, it provides the right amount of suction without damaging my sensitive skin. The oval head is good for fine lines, wrinkles, around the chin, and in the creases of the nose area. I usually use the small head first and then fine detail with the oval regularly. I tried the microdermabrasion but since I have never done anything professional with microdermabrasion I’m not equipped to leave a thought, hahaha.

Ready for my true thoughts?

I’m hooked. While this tool didn’t make my pores miraculously smaller or less noticeable, they are obviously cleaner and healing. This tool really does work, I can see all the pore gunk in it when I clean the tool. I recommend, highly, you clean every head you use, as well as the small piece that covers the sponge inside, every use. You will be amazed by the amount of dead skin, sweat, and gunk it will remove. It is only sanitary to clean the blackhead removal tool after every use.

Also, do not over charged the tool because it will make your first use shorter. I charge mine for about twenty minutes before use, usually plugging it in before I shower so it is ready when I am done.

Use this tool after a good shower and washing your face, so that your pores are open and ready to be cleaned. I would absolutely say to only use this before bed. My reason is simple, this tool is using forced suction to remove stuff from your pores so it leaves the skin a little red and tender. That is expected but you don’t want to have to clog your pores right back up with make-up to hide that. Common sense.

After I use my blackhead removal tool, I don’t apply any other products except for a skin toner to help close the pores. The point of this tool is to really deep clean the pores. After use, I let my skin just settle.

I am really glad that I found this blackhead removal tool and have found something to help with my skin issues. I honestly would recommend this to anyone looking to truly deep clean their pores.

I’d love to know what your favorite skin care tools are. So, what is in your arsenal or skin care tool box? Share below in the comments… xoxo

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