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Lit Cube July Review…. Heroes and Villains

Lit Cube JulyLit Cube Review: July 2017


Hey Y’all… I’m back with another review for the Lit-Cube Subscription Box. This Lit Cube Review is for July 2017, and the theme was SUPERHEROES VS VILLANS. I am in love with the theme for this month and I think it was a really good idea, and a good box. I love the lit cube july box so much and I am so excited to share with you.

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So, let us get back to our review of the July Lit Cube Box. As I said, the theme is superheroes vs villains. I am a nerd (hence the book NERD princess… hahaha) and comic books are part of my interest. I love superhero movies, comics, and some other forms of superhero novella. When I first heard of this month’s theme, it was originally a choice between hero and villain, but was changed to include both. I can’t wait to show you the contents. (Again, if you would like a live unboxing, CLICK HERE for the YouTube Video…)

Lit Cube July

Lit Cube July: Superheroes Vs Villains Review…

Lit Cube JulyThe first item I pulled from the box was a Spiderman Pez dispenser. I love pez candy, and there is nothing wrong with everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Spiderman has a few different movies and cartoons, as well as comic book variations. Anyone who enjoys Spiderman probably is a die-hard to one of the movie versions, most commonly I hear of is the original Toby Maguire version. Personally, I am a fan of any version and adaptation because ever actor bring something different and I like that.

Unfortunately for this Spiderman, he will be a collectable and the candy will be eaten. Sorry Spidey.


Lit Cube July

The second item I checked out was a new mug, with the Joker on it. I love the mug because it has the
“Why So Serious?” from the Heath Ledger portrayal of Joker. Heath Ledger, r.i.p., famously portrayed Joker in the Dark Knight Rises series before passing away due to an accidental overdose. Ledger was an incredibly actor, but his role as Joker was so intense and all-consuming it created a psychotic break for the poor man, leading up to his death. I was heart-broken when he died, as he was one of my favorite actors.

Heath Ledger’s performance seems to be so highly praised, and this mug does his rendition justice. The creepy make-up design, the melting make-up, the black eyes and red lips are all quintessentially part of his version. So Mr. Joker Mug, you will soon be meeting your match, my bed time green tea.

Ready for the next Lit Cube June Item? I am too…

Lit Cube JulyThe item pictured here is a t-shirt. Occasionally Lit-Cube partners with shirt designers to come up with amazing and original t-shirt designs. I received one other t-shirt so far, and I love it. (Read the review with the other shirt by CLICKING HERE…)

This shirt is inspirational, by saying “Actually, I Can.” I really loved unwrapping that shirt and seeing such a great quote on it, and I already have some ideas on how to style this for my new FASHION SECTION here on the site.

I love anything with an inspirational message or a charitable nature, so this shirt will be something I enjoy wearing.



Lit Cube JulyWhen unboxing my Lit Cube June Box, I saw they had included a candle from In The Wick Of Time. I received one of their candle in the March Beauty and the Beast box and loved it. Because I loved my Belle’s Books candle, I was really excited about this new candle. This candle is called Amazon Warrior, inspired by Wonder Woman. It is supposed to smell of Sandalwood and Sea. I really enjoyed the fragrance of this candle, however it is a lot smaller in size than my Belle’s Book candle was.

Other than the size difference, I like the smell and I think this was an awesome product to include in this box. It is nice to see that Wonder Woman was promoted in this box since the movie just so recently released.

The Final product… Lit Cube July Book for the Month…

Lit Cube JulyFor the July Book, Lit Cub chose Asylum 54.0, by Nadège Richards. I have never heard of this book, author, or series, but I am intrigued. The book sounds like a really good dystopian young adult action book. These are the types of books that I really enjoy reading so I am excited to start this one.

My only fear is that because it is part of the Bionics Saga, this may not be the first book. If it is, how hard will it be to find the second or following?

I feel like, truthfully, it will be worth reading and getting hooked on this series. The back cover makes me really want to devour this book, so I think I will…

Well guys, there you have it… my Lit Cube July Superhero Vs Villain Box… How awesome is this one? What is your favorite item? Did you enjoy this unbox post and video?

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