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Modern Cinderella Lit Cube June Review

Lit Cube June Unboxing… Modern Cinderella

Lit Cube JuneLit-Cube is probably one of my favorite subscription services that I subscribe to, despite some of their flaws. They typically have amazing themes, and the books are always good. The box is considered “young-adult” but that truly doesn’t even matter in this day and age. The Lit Cube June’s theme… Modern Cinderella… is probably one of my top faves I have received so far.


This box considered some amazing goodies, and when I opened it I was dying to show off my haul but I hadn’t had the time to film the unbox. I just wanted to put my goodies on display but I am a strict, don’t display till the video is done, type of girl. So now that the video, which is at the bottom of this post or over at the BNP YouTube & click there, I can now display my awesome loot.

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So, what did I get? Let’s find out…

Lit Cube JuneFirst up… a rock candy lollipop.


Not much to describe here, it is pretty.


Lit-Cube June chose a white crystal rock pop for the Modern Cinderella themed box.


It looks pretty, and the color fits the theme perfectly.

Can’t wait to try it.


Lit Cube JuneMy next item I picked out was these cute bath salts. They are a gorgeous blue color, and aptly named The Glass Slipper. How much more Modern Cinderella could this Lit Cube June item be, than luxurious blue bath salts called Glass Slipper?


These bath salts are made by a company called Two Wild Hares Bath and Body. The scent is a mix of passionfruit and acai berry. How heavenly does that sound to you? (Let me know in the comments below…)


These bath salts are truly fit for any princess… especially a Book Nerd Princess.


Next let’s view the book, because the last two items are too great to spoil yet.

Lit Cube JuneThe Lit Cube June book of the month looks really good. This book is called, by River Laurent. I had the choice to ARC read this story but decided to pass on the opportunity. Between school, work, and other responsibilities, plus a large reading list already, I just couldn’t find the time. However, this was a book I had wanted to read and had added to my “Must Buy” list so I love that I got it this month.


I honestly can’t wait to read this book, and have added it to my incredibly long TBR pile. (TBR = To Be Read if you’re not in on the book nerd lingo) I am hoping that I will be able to finally start ticking off some of those TBR items, including

I am absolutely looking forward to this book.

Now, my two favorite items that have been killing me to not use yet.

Lit Cube JuneFirst, let me show you the adorable bookmark. I love everything about this cute bookmark, and it is stretchy. This bookmark is made from a beautiful blue elastic material with a glittery look to it. The size is perfect to fit normal books and planners. (I bet you know what I plan to use mine with!)


I also adore the quote, which has become synonymous with Cinderella stories in some essence. “Have courage and be kind.” The quote was used directly in the Disney reimagining of Cinderella, the live action movie. The concept, though, has been the essence of every single Cinderella story, every retelling, every version. So, I love that this was what was chosen.


What about my favorite item? I am glad you asked… Because…

Lit Cube JuneMy last favorite item from the Lit Cube June Box, is this gorgeous Cinderella Glass Slipper trinket box. I collect cute little Disney items like this, and keep them on my dresser where my tv is. This trinket box is a solid pearl white ceramic with a pearl shimmer to it. The top is decorated with the infamous glass slipper, as well as pearl and rhinestones. The side of the box has great detailing and is highly detailed. This trinket box is my favorite item from this box, and I love it.


I can’t wait to add this box to my Disney collection, especially my Precious Moments Cinderella Musical Statue.


I think this was an incredible pick for this theme. Lit Cube June Box hit it out of the park with this one.




So, what do you think of this month’s Lit Cube June Box? I am IN LOVE! This box was incredible…

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