About Book Nerd Princess

Hi Y’all!

About BNP


I am the BOOK NERD PRINCESS… Your new favorite blogger… lol I am just having a little fun, but I do hope you enjoy this site!


I am a LIFESTYLE BLOGGER… and if you don’t know what that means it is this… For this site, I blog about a little bit of everything that is fun. I am a bookaholic, movieaholic, beautyaholic, fashionaholic…


Ok, let’s get serious…

This website started out as a place for me to share all of the wonderful books I read and am so passionate about with like-minded people. That was very successful for about two minutes until my ADHD kicked in and I decided to add in movies I love. From there I have branched out into motivational posts, goal and dream chasing posts, beauty products, YouTube subscription unboxings, instagram inspiration and #ootd posts, and so much more. I have also added some travel posts and have so many more to come.

About BNP

What can you expect from my site???

That answer is simple… fun posts. I try to feature a lot of amazing bloggers as guest posters. Mostly, I just try to provide my viewers with new and exciting material they are interested in. I love to open people up to new books, movies, music, artists, products, and places.

If it excites you, it probably excites me.

About BNPI am just a small town girl with big city dreams, and I love sharing my passions with new people.


Also, I love connecting with new people so feel free to reach out through social media with suggestions, comments, or questions!