About Me!

I figure that if I am going to pour my heart and soul into this site, I might as well tell the readers a little bit about me… but I figure in case you don’t want to know then you don’t have to see it splashed everywhere but can just come to this page and learn 🙂


So I am not sure what anyone would really want to know so here are the basics:

I am a Libra. When I say I am a Libra I mean I am a stereotypical cliche Libra. I love art and beauty, hate confrontation, and am generally a closed off person. I find myself drawn into the world of books because it provides me with a way to connect to people, albeit fictional characters, and I find that I am able to lose myself, my insecurities, and worries when I am reading a good book.

Reading is as essential to me as breathing. When I am reading a book after some stressful event in my life, I instantly feel calmed. When I am not reading a book or short story, I actually feel lost and miss it. When I finish a good book I miss the story and the characters. I miss the world I was transported too.

Some of my other creative outlets are painting (though I am not very good), scrapbooking, photography, writing, and singing (but again I am not very good at this either.) I enjoy decorating, home decoration specifically, because it is fun. I like to decorate my living spaces on both a permanent and holiday basis. Halloween is my favorite holiday, for the holiday, time of year, and for decorating… I love autumn. After that is Christmas, because I love to shop for people and decorate.

On top of the art I try to create, I am an obsessed movie watcher. I collect movies, (as well as books), and I watch movies a lot. I will watch any movie at least once, but I tend to shy away from modern military movies (i.e. Lone Survivor, etc.) due to personal reasons. My favorite genre of movies is hands down Horror, followed closely by Young Adult and Musicals. I also enjoy Action Adventure movies and older movies (i.e. Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, Marilyn Monroe movies, etc.). I really love Disney movies, old and new although I still have not seen Frozen in its entirety, and don’t really want too.

I also have a few t.v. shows I enjoy on a regular basis, although some of my favorites are off the air and I just rewatch the dvds or stream them often.

When I was younger I was a ballerina, and I still enjoy dancing myself as well as watching others dance. I think this is one reason why I still enjoy listening to music and singing, because music has always been associated with dancing to me… and dancing is true happiness and freedom. Sometimes I even enjoy doing yoga though I don’t do it as often as I can or should. My favorite musical genres are rock (hard rock, alternative, classic rock… just give me a good beat and real lyrics and I’m smiling for hours) pop, and some rap/hip-hop. My rap/hip-hop knowledge is limited and tends to be specific songs instead of any particular artist except for one, Eminem. Pop is pretty much the same, if I like the song I’ll listen all day but I rarely ever find an artist that I like all of their songs. Rock, however, is a different ball game. I have a favorite hard rock band, Three Days Grace, and a favorite alternative band, Panic at the Disco. I’ve seen both bands perform live more than once and I always check out their new music when available. I also listen to them on repeat quite often.

Lately I have been building a collection of Pop figures… I only have 4 but there are a lot I am looking for, want, and will probably buy soon. 🙂 I know it is weird to collect books, movies, and pop figures but I do… I also buy A LOT… maybe too many… picture frames but that is mostly because I take some many pictures and love to display them.

Hmmmmmm… what else is there to know about me… Oh! I know!

I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, and am about a year away from a dual Bachelors Degree… One in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology, and One in History. I am debating minor in Criminal Justice since I already have an Associates in it, and all my classes transferred so it would be easy to do but I’m not sure.

My academic plans are as follows… Finish my Bachelors Degrees, get a Masters Degree (hopefully from my first choice school University of Memphis) in either Archaeology or Egyptology, then move on to my Doctorate.

My career goal is I want to be a Museum Curator. I’d love to have the opportunity to run a museum, while having the option to work in both the field and the lab. I have already been given the opportunity to work as a supervisor in the field where I went to college, working under my professor but still gaining the professional experience. I have also won a scholarship award for a paper I researched and wrote, and a poster I made for it, which I was then given the chance to present during a conference of professionals in the field. It was quite the experience and I am so grateful that I had that chance.

I think I have covered all of the basics about me… especially since my name is not attached to this site… and as a person I am mostly anonymous to you the reader… I find that I want people to read this page, as well as my reviews, without the knowledge of who I am so you can just enjoy the site and I can post anonymously. I hope you have learned a little about what makes me who I am, without distracting you with other details.