book nerd princess

Book Nerd Princess? Where did that come from?

Book Nerd Princess? Why they heck did I pick that name?   When I first dreamed of creating this website, I knew I needed to pick a name that truly fit me, the real me. I wanted to choose a domain and brand name that was quirky but relatable, something cute and funny. I wanted […]

Wanderlust List

Wanderlust List… My top ten MUST SEE places

Wanderlust in the savvy millennial is simply natural… So I am making a Wanderlust List to share with you. Millennials, as a whole, appear to be undertaking new ways of finding their place in the world. We, as a group, seem to enjoy traveling and experiencing the world in such new and unusual ways. I […]

Favorite Songs

Top Ten Favorite Songs of the Book Nerd Princess

How important is music to you? What are your favorite songs?   Music is such an important part of my life. As a girl, I trained as a ballerina, as well as learned other forms of dance. From a young age, I had a love for music, and a passion for dance. When I got […]

in a book

In A Book? Oh the Dream…

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be in a book?   I am a weird lady and because I am weird I find myself daydreaming more than normal. Sometimes I daydream a fairytale, where I am a damsel princess rescued by a knight. There have been times where I have […]