Don't Give Up

Don’t Give Up… A Guest Post by Nicole DiAngelo

It is never too late, so don’t give up… “Don’t Give Up!” “Don’t wait until you are 29 like me, but if you do, that’s okay, because some people never find it”- That’s what an actor said in a recent viral video encouraging people to follow their desires. I looooved the message, except for that one […]

Self Care GP

Self Care For the Busy Woman – Guest Post

Self-Care for the Busy Woman Guest Post Written By: Wrae Sanders   Self-care sounds so difficult to do. It sounds like it takes a lot of time or money. All of us have busy schedules and it can seem just WAY too hard. Nope. It’s easier than you think it may be. What’s holding you […]


Motivation… What is it? – Guest Post by Leo Bojalil

I was talking the other day with a friend of mine about the artistic process; when and why does it start and end? This was especially important because she´s finishing her first book in a trilogy series. She was telling me that she is not looking for recognition or for people to like her work, […]

Author Bio

Guest Post Author Bio – Monica Miller

Last week I had a guest author write a post for the site about the importance of journaling. After talking more to the author, and some serious thinking, we both realized a little background information on the author, Monica Miller, might be helpful. So read on for a little author bio on Monica Miller.   Coaches […]

Author Bio

Power of Journaling – Guest Post by Monica Miller (Monica Writes)

Unlocking the Mother Load of Creativity through the Power of Journaling   We all know that habits are good for us, but if you’ve been wanting to write a book, which habit would be the best for you to incorporate into your life now?   The answer is creating the habit of journaling. I have […]