blackhead removal tool

My Review of My First Blackhead Removal Tool…

Hi There… Have I got an amazing product for you! Was that something that made you stop? Did I get your attention yet? How about if I said that I found a product that will clean your pores, remove blackheads, and has an attachment for microdermabrasion? Did that capture your attention because it had caught […]

skin care

Skin Care for the late 20-something…

To skin care or not to skin care? This feels like an age-old question, specifically for me. I am 28 years old, about a month away from turning 29. As a millennial woman about to be leaving her “20-something” age, I have been hit hard with the skin care bug. I have never been the […]

budget travel fashion nashville

Budget Friendly Travel Fashion… Nashville Inspired.

Fashion for the Unfashionable…   Did that title get your attention? How about this one, “Fashion on a Budget?” Would you rather it be “Budget but Fashionable Travel Looks?” Google those and you will find a lot of hits. Fashion is a thing men, women, young, and old, all try to stay “on top of.” […]


My Tattoos… I am a Tattoo Lover.

Tattoos; Growing trend that I am not immune too… Throughout my time in college, I have done an extensive amount of research into the topic of tattoos. I have looked at body adornment in the context of history, anthropology, and throughout specific cultures. During my studies, I have learned a lot and have proven trends […]

Fashion Beginnings

Fashion Beginnings for Book Nerd Princess

Fashion Beginnings: On July 21st, I was given an amazing opportunity that could change my life. This is how I am getting my fashion beginnings… I was accepted to be a brand ambassador for Thriver clothing. For me, becoming a brand ambassador for a line like Thriver seemed like a long shot. However, being accepted […]