Nashville Tn, the best place to be…

Nashville, Tennessee… The city of music… Can you hear that little sigh of remembrance of my time there?   When I think of a Nashville I think of cowboy boots, country music, and a unique southern charm. Spending two days in Nashville made me believe in that even more. Nashville truly is a unique city […]


NOLA; History and Amazing Sites

Howdy Y’all, and welcome back… As some of you may know, I recentlywent to the beautiful and historic NOLA… a.k.a. New Orleans, Louisiana. I had such an amazing time in NOLA and I cannot count the days until I get to wake up in those historic streets again. Everywhere I turned was a beautiful shop, […]

Ave Maria Grotto

Ave Maria Grotto – Alabama Pit Stop

While I was on  my road trip to New Orleans a few weeks back, I allowed myself the ability to stop and see things of interest. Though I barely stopped except at rest stops and welcome centers, I did see an advertisement for the Ave Maria Grotto when I stopped at the welcome center in […]